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Filling A Need
HappyPets© Concierge Services (HappyPets©) was founded to provide high-quality care for you, your pets, and your home. We are registered with the Florida Department of State, and maintain an Occupational Business License issued by Alachua County. We are a proud member of Pet Sitters International, and insured and bonded.

Our Gainesville, Florida business is operated by a recently retired professional who has been home- and pet-sitting for friends, neighbors, and relatives for decades. We've resided in Alachua County for more than 35 years, and have extensive experience in microbiology and plant pathology. Loving and respecting animals: that's why we left the corporate world to pursue the independence of running our own pet-sitting business.

During many years in the work force, we frequently had to use personal leave time to take pets to and from the veterinarian's for annual vaccinations, spay/neuter follow-up care, etc. Many appointments could only be scheduled during weekdays, and round-trip visits often took 2-4 hours. Our pets were frequently anxious and stressed after being kenneled for only a few hours awaiting pick-up.

Providing A More Stress-Free Life

  • Do you feel guilty when boarding your pets while you're away
    on vacation or business?

  • Are you working long hours, unable to walk the dog(s) during the day?

  • Is there a new puppy in your home?

  • Have you been hospitalized?

Changes in routines or environment can can be upsetting to pets. If your furry friend has rarely or never been boarded, the experience of being kenneled can be frightening. HappyPets© provides special attention, lots of petting, and playtime in a familiar environment -your home- to ensure your loved ones stay relaxed and stress-free.

Call HappyPets© (352) 373-0898. We visit your animals in their environment, where they can enjoy playtime at home, sleeping in their own bed, and eating familiar food. You'll have peace of mind knowing they're cared for and happy. Your business trips can be much more enjoyable knowing you'll come home to HappyPets©!

A new puppy can become anxious when left alone, and develop unpleasant habits (chewing, howling, barking, etc.). Let HappyPets© visit your new addition(s) while you are away. We can make your life more enjoyable, knowing your pets will be well cared for. Sound good?

Call us at (352) 373-0898 for a free initial consultation.

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HappyPets© Concierge Services - Professional Pet Sitting / Pet Sitter / Dog & Cat & Bird & Fish & Horse At Home Pet Care
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