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Our Clients' Reports On HappyPets© Concierge Services!

Dog & Cat Owners

HappyPets© Client
Has The "Twice-A-Day" Plan

Special Needs Pets

HappyPets© Client
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"Our sitter followed my directions to the letter. She visited twice a day, administered medications, provided fresh food and water, excercised both pets, and gave each of them lots of TLC! When I returned home, the plants were watered, my mail was sorted and labeled by the arrival date, and a daily log describing my pets' activities was on my desk. My cat (Tipper), dog (Lucky), and I love the attention and playtime that HappyPets© provides."

- Lucy W.

Dog-Only Owners

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HappyPets© Clients
"Bogie & Boo"
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"HappyPets© staff have cared for Bogie and Boo for many years. From their puppyhood, our sitter has transported them to the veterinarian's, stayed overnight, administered medications, romped and played with them, and more. They think she is a member of our family!

I have full peace of mind knowing that my home and dogs are safe and cared for while I am out of town. My plants look much better when I return, too, thanks to HappyPets© care."

-Mrs. W.

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HappyPets© Client
Professional Pet Sitting

"Our sitter cared for our pets for 10 days while we were in Europe during Christmas. When our oldest dog unexpectedly became ill, the sitter stayed with her all night, ready to transport her to the vet -even though we had not scheduled overnight care. We are very confident in HappyPets© professionalism, and appreciate the valuable consierge services they provide. They even dismantled our Christmas tree and carefully put away all of the ornaments for us, so we didn't have a mess to deal with when we returned. We always come home to a clean house with HappyPets©!"

-Lonna D.

Cat-Only Owners

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HappyPets© Client
"Mr. Snuggles"
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"Mr. Snuggles was born with gingivitis, which must be treated frequently with an oral gel. HappyPets© staff visit regularly to apply the medicine to his gums, saving me a trip to the vet's office for the treatment, and helping keep my cat healthy."

-Marjorie H.

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HappyPets© Client
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"Our kitty does very well with HappyPets. And so do I !"

-Bruce T.

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HappyPets© Client
 Gainesville, Fl Service Area

"Luna is a Norwegian Forest Cat with a very long, thick coat that needs to be brushed daily. We tried kenneling Luna during our 2-week vacation. When we returned and picked her up, she was too upset to eat; and her coat was matted. An enormous thank you to HappyPets© for taking such good care of our sweet kitty Luna in her home."

-Carol L.

Horse Owners

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HappyPets© Client
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"Shadow loves the treats and attention the sitter provides. Although he is an older fellow, he still runs to meet our sitter at the gate. HappyPets© ensures he is fed, watered, and brushed daily, receives his medications, and even checks/removes ticks.

No matter how long I'm traveling, I'm always confident that Shadow is comfortable and cared for by insured, bonded professionals who love and respect him. My wife and I look forward to their visits, and I believe my animals do too. I enthusiastically recommend

-Martin D.


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